## **short version** * **Name:** theresa * **Email:** [shoot me an email](mailto:tm_nospam@aremai.net) - for encryption check below! * **XMPP** hellslide@jabber.ccc.de * **Github:** [aremai](https://github.com/aremai) ![Alt text](assets/themes/Snail/img/avatar.jpg) ------- ### **long version** my name is theresa. during the day i'm a (unix) sysadmin located in a large-sized data center. during the night i work on various projects for my bachelor degree in computer science. >> hence always sleep deprived, but mostly in good spirit ;) within the next weeks, i'll blog about my recent projects that i have been working on. if you do like them or have an idea, then don't hesitate to drop me a line through email or jabber (my jabber id: hellslide@jabber.ccc.de) i'll mostly blog about security related topics like pci-dss compliance or ossec, but every now and then i'll also write about interesting stuff that i came across on the web. so watch this space and check back for more updates soon! thanks for stopping by and have a nice day! ;) PS: If you want to use encryption, you can use my public key to send me [encrypted mails](/security/2014/09/18/gpg/) ;-)